Showing Your Home to potential Buyers

Your house should always be available for show, even though it may inconvenient for you. Becky, Nan & Jorge, the Columbia Gorge Real Estate team will call to set up appointments, we can require overnight notice but if you can have your home ready to show within an hour that is always better to allow short notice showings if home buyers are interested.

Why You Should Not Be Home
Homebuyers will feel like intruders if you are home when they visit, and they might not be as receptive toward viewing your home. Take the time to visit the, grocery store, or take the kids to the park. If you absolutely cannot leave, try to remain in an out of the way area of the house and do not move from room to room. Do not volunteer any information, but answer any questions the agent may ask.

When you know someone is coming by to tour your home, turn on all the indoor and outdoor lights, even during the day. At night, a lit house gives a “homey” impression when viewed from the street. During the daytime, turning on the lights prevents harsh shadows from sunlight and it brightens up any dim areas. Your house looks more homey and cheerful with the lights on.

Do not use scented sprays to prepare for visitors. It is too obvious and many people find the smells of those sprays offensive, not to mention that some may be allergic. If you want to have a pleasant aroma in your house, use cinnamon or orange as they are the most commonly appealing.

Pet Control
We all love our pets so If you have pets, we will make sure a notice is placed on your listing in the multiple listing service. If you know someone is coming, it would be best to try to take the pets with you while the homebuyers tour your home. If you cannot do that, It is best to keep dogs in a penned area so buyers can look without interruption. Try to keep indoor cats in a specific room when you expect visitors, and put a sign on the door reminding agents that show not to let the cat outside.

The Kitchen Trash
Especially if your kitchen trash can does not have a lid, make sure you empty it every time someone comes to look at your home, even if your trash can is kept under the kitchen sink. Remember that you want to send a positive image about every aspect of your home. Kitchen trash does not send a positive message. You may go through more plastic bags than usual, but it will be worth it.